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Information for Law Librarians

The publications of the Council of Europe - with input from the Governments and from the parliamentary representatives of its 41 democratic member countries of western, central and eastern Europe - bring to us the European legal picture on such topics as:

  • Human Rights
  • Social Rights
  • Constitutional Democracy
  • Intellectual Property Rights; Protection of TV Broadcasts
  • Bio-medical Technology; Bioethics
  • International Tax Avoidance
  • Data Banks and Individual Privacy
  • Sex Discrimination
  • Public Liability
  • Sport and the Law
  • Product Liability
  • Criminology and Penology

    In an effort to provide law school libraries with publications relevant to law studies on a regular basis, we propose the following MODEL LAW LIBRARY STANDING ORDER. This list was originally developed by certain law librarians and is now subscribed to by a good number of law school libraries.

    The Model Law Library Standing Order consists of ("all future Council publications for Catalogue sections for Committee of Ministers, Parliamentary Assembly, Local and Regional Authorities (omiting the Studies and Text series), Human Rights, Law, Current Issues, General
    + non-catalogue publications in the area of human rights, law and legislation
    + European Court of Human Rights
    "Reports on Judgments and Decisions"."

    Catalog analysis of what comprises a Model Law Standing Order

    NOTE #1: Only titles published directly by the Council (excepting the above mentioned European Court of Human Rights) are supplied. Standing orders will also be accepted for categories, series or titles found elsewhere in the catalogue, e.g. Environment or Health.

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