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The Model Law Standing Order

Listed below are the series (catalogue and non-catalogue) titles and monographs which are supplied on the Model Law Standing Order. The publication categories of the 2002 Council of Europe Publications Catalogue have been used as section headings.

Committee of Ministers

  • European Treaty Series (single booklets, perhaps two or three a year.) Presented in "Collected Editions" (hard cover) and supplied when published.
  • Explanatory Reports of individual treaties; numbering of these booklets is not sequential but refers to the "Number"of the treaty.

Parliamentary Assembly (usually 3 sessions per year)

  • Official Report of Debates (est. 3 to 4 vols yearly)
  • Documents (varies, up to 6 or 7 vols yearly)
  • Texts adopted (usually 3 or 4 volumes)
  • Orders of the day. (usually 3, sometimes 6)
  • Monographs (occasional, rare).

CLRAE — Congress of Local and Regional Authorities in Europe

  • Official Report of Debates. (approx. one vol.per year)
  • Adopted Texts (approx. one vol. per year)
  • Structure and operation of local and regional democracy series
    ------(Now listed in catalog section: "Local and regional democracy")

Human Rights

  • Human Rights Files; small booklets (usually one per year.)
  • Occasional monographs, (usually conferences or reports) e.g. Human Rights and the Police.

Social Charter

  • Conclusions of Committee of Independent experts of European Social Charter (about annually)
  • Case Law on European Social Charter: occasional supplements
  • Social Charter Monographs (a series)

European Court of Human Rights: (published under the auspices of the Council of Europe)

  • Reports of Judgments and Decisions

Not listed in the catalogue, but supplied:

  • Human Rights Information Bulletin (a quarterly booklet of approx. 150 pages reviewing a three-month period of activity regarding the Convention, the Court, the Directorate and conferences. Quite extensive; it requires about a year to prepare).


All publications listed in this section of the catalogue are included. Among these are some series:

  • Constitutional Case-law Bulletin. (three times a year)
  • Collected Studies in criminological research
  • Science and Technique of Democracy

Not listed in the catalogue, but supplied:

  • Penological Information Bulletin (approx semi-annual, but much delay in publication)
  • Occasional monographs.e.g. The rebirth of democracy: 12 constitutions of central and eastern Europe.


The Annual Report: Activities of the Council of Europe (extensive information)

Current issues

Occasional monographs (maybe one or two per year)

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